If Not the Fist, What? – Janet McClintock

palm vs fistMy last blog talked about the inherent weakness of the fist. So, if not a fist, what? The palm heel,  that’s what. The palm heel is the area at the base of your palm. To find it put your arm out straight, bend your hand back as if you are going to push open a door. That’s it. That’s the palm heel position.

The palm heel is proof that God loves us and wants us to defend ourselves. It neatly fits under the chin. It fits into the temple. It fits into the soft tissue behind the ear, the indentation at the base of the skull, the eye socket, the area under the nose, and even the solar plexus. It’s effective as a kidney blow. And after an upper strike to the chin, the fingers are right there to rake the eyes, pull the hair or pull the ear (yes, the ear).

While the palm heel is located at the base of the palm, it is also at the end of the ulna, the major arm bone. Unlike the knee where the kneecap can be dislodged during a blow, or the foot where the foot or toes can be sprained, or the fist where the small bones of the hand can be fractured, the base of the ulna is the hardest area in the human body. That means the likelihood of fracturing is at a minimum. If the weapon isn’t injured, it can be used over and over during a physical altercation.

The most effective palm heel strike is under the chin. Because it starts low and follows up the chest of the assailant, it is beneath his or her line of sight. It’s unseen, it’s fast, it’s powerful, and most importantly it’s effective. When the palm heel connects with the chin, it snaps the head back. Done correctly, the snap of the head can knock the assailant unconscious. At the very least, it will knock the assailant off balance, sending him or her backwards and out of reach to hit back. And don’t forget to strike multiple times. If one strike is good, two can only be better. In this case, more is always better.

In an action scene in a movie or book, the punch always carries a lot of drama, and the visuals can’t be beat. But if reality is your goal, which it should be, don’t forget the palm heel. It’s effective and it’s real.

Get it right. Keep it real,

Janet McClintock

Action Girl

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