First in The Iron Angel Series: Worst of All Evils
Released: November 2014

“Live free or die. Death is not the worst of all evils.” – toast by Gen. John Stark, Revolutionary War hero

When a tyrannical administration takes control of the United States government and nullifies the Constitution, Joan Bowman, a highly skilled veteran and patriot, joins an underground resistance group to restore America’s beloved freedoms. Too late, she realizes the group she so idealistically joined is as corrupt as the administration in Washington. She knows too much to get out of the group alive, so she becomes a State’s Witness. But when the task force demands she return to the group to obtain a piece of crucial information, Joan knows she faces certain death. Dispirited, exhausted, and paranoid, she is hardly on top of her game–and she needs to be, or this time she will pay with her life.

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