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MAX MARTINI and Worst of All Evils – what is the connection?

When I first created the character Duncan in Worst of All Evils, Duncan was dark-skinned of Mediterranean descent–the stereotypical bad boy.

One day I was surfing the channels and saw a television movie called He Loves Me that listed Max Martini as one of the characters. When the television show, The Unit, was still running, I fell in love with the character Mack, played by Max Martini. I watch anything that lists him in the credits, so I clicked on He Loves Me.

In this movie Max’s character is a sculptor. Max Martini has a rugged, tough-guy persona, but in this movie he added another layer of carnal passion. When I saw him playing the strong, impassioned lover of Heather Locklear’s psychotic character, I saw Duncan personified.

As soon as the movie was over, I rushed to my laptop and re-wrote Duncan as a copper-haired, battle-hardened, once-upon-a-time boy next door. Whenever I had to decide how to have Duncan portray a certain emotion or act in a certain scene, I conjured up Max Martini and asked myself how he would play the part.

I know this sounds crazy, and borderline creepy, but I loved Max Martini (the actor, not the person) from the first time I saw him in The Unit until today, this moment, this nano-second. I know Max Martini acts like he doesn’t know I exist, but I’m happy with unrequited love. (sigh)

Janet McClintock


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